Master of Science in Business Analytics

  • What is an acceptable GRE/GMAT score?
    Average test scores will vary over time–based on the candidate pool. We consider a score that is greater than or equal to the 60th percentile score to be competitive for consideration.
  • What is the application deadline?
    The application deadline is March 15, the same year the applicant intends to start.

Master of Science in Finance

  • What are the prerequisites for the MSF program?
    Before commencing the MSF program, the student is advised to have completed the equivalent of undergraduate courses in accounting, statistics, calculus, economics, and finance. We recommend taking the appropriate courses prior to entering the MSF program because it rectifies any deficiencies.
  • What preparations should I make before entering the MSF program?
    The MSF program at the University of Alabama is exceptionally quantitative. Therefore, a strong quantitative background in statistics and calculus is highly recommended.
  • How many students are typically admitted to the program?
    From 20 to 25 students are usually admitted each year.
  • What is the profile of the typical student in the program?
    The average GPA and GMAT scores vary from year-to-year. In recent years, the average accepted student’s GMAT was 680, and their GPA was 3.6. Applicants are rarely accepted with GMAT scores below 640.
  • Are there any scholarships available?
    Please refer to for potential scholarships. Presently, the MSF program has no scholarships specifically dedicated to it.