Graduate Programs

Betsey Voorhees
Director of MBA Recruiting and Admissions
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(205) 348.9122

April Ingram
Director of Specialized Masters and Ph.D. Programs
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(205) 348.5497

Lesley Campbell
Graduate Admissions Specialist
(205) 348.2323

Executive MBA

Donna Blackburn
Director of Executive MBA Program
(205) 348.8748

Ingrid Galinat
Manager of Recruitment
(205) 348.4515

Diane Jones
Academic Advisor
(205) 348.1187

Samantha Vasey
Career Consultant
(205) 348.0954


Sharif Melouk
Associate Dean for the Manderson Graduate School of Business

Peyton Kellum
Office Associate II
(205) 348.6517

Ashley Coker
Program Assistant
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(205) 348.4077

Career and Student Services

Kathryn Burroughs
Director of Career Services
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(205) 348.4510

Isaiah Young
Associate Director of Career Services
(205) 348.0337

Meaghan James
Assistant Director of Manderson Student Services
(205) 348.6517

Connie Chambers
Director of Corporate Partnerships
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