Recent Placements

Rushaine Goulbourne: Brookings Institute Post Doc

Hasan Isomitdinov: University of Alabama - Instructor of Economics

Virginia Zhong: National School of Agricultural Institution and Development at South China Agriculture University

Jiahong Gao: Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Mia Goodnature: PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Andre Harrison: California State University at Long Beach

James Herndon: AEA Group

Fan Wu: Shanghai University

Cuiyi`Tina' Zhang: USAA

Piyali Banerjee: Ashoka University

Karin (Kaveh) Hasani: Economic Development Company

Alice Sheehan: University of New Hampshire – Visiting Assistant Professor

Anne-Charlotte Souto: University of Pittsburgh – Postdoc

Shamar Stewart: Virginia Tech University, Ag Econ Department

James Matthew Hampton: University of Northern Iowa

Laura Connolly: Michigan Tech University

Zhe Yang: Wofford College – Visiting Assistant Professor

Chi-Yang Chu: National Taipei University

Chris Whaley: University of Alabama – Clinical Instructor

Boyi Zhuang: The Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research

Charles Martin (Marty) Hanby: Texas A&M-Central Texas

Daniel Otto: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Christopher Mann: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Juan Medina: University of Juarez-Mexico

Michaela Patton: U.S. Census Bureau

Anna Cai: University of West Alabama

EJ Ume: Miami University

Karl Boulware: Wesleyan University

Billy Hankins: University of South Carolina-Upstate

Jared Levant: Mississippi State University – Visiting Assistant Professor

Miesha Williams: Morehouse College – Visiting Assistant Professor

Paul Jones: Pepperdine University

Ming Meng: Temple University

Ezekiel Nichols: Sears-Chicago

Linyuan Cai: University of West Alabama

Ms. Hye Jin Lee: University of Texas-Brownsville

Will Walsh: Samford University – Visiting

Stephan Mullinax: College of Lake County

Sondra Collins: University of Southern Mississippi

Bradford Patterson: University of Virginia-Law

Patrick Cooper: IRS-Chicago

Hoda El-Karasky: University of Alabama – Clinical Instructor

Eric Olson: Pepperdine University

Cristina Lira: Returned to Italy

Mehmet Yaya: Eastern Michigan University

Ms. Yu Liu: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Tax, LLP-Atlanta

Ms. Junhua Yu: University of Utah-Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center

Razvan Pascalau: State University ofo New York-SUNY-Pittsburgh

April Brashier: Birmingham Southern University