Undergraduate Coursework

Running alongside the STEM Path to the MBA, you will take a STEM Business Honors course each semester worth 1.5 credit hours that meet for 75 minutes per week. The class size is limited to 35 students, and each semester covers a business topic like Marketing, Accounting, or Operations Management, among others. In addition, you will engage in several group projects, closing out each semester with a case study based on the semester’s business topic. You are encouraged to stay with the same faculty member for each STEM Business Honors course to develop a mentorship with your professor and a sense of camaraderie with your cohort. Additionally, the STEM Business Honors courses will fulfill your departmental honors credit requirement as a student in the Honors College.

Graduate Coursework

After you are admitted into the MBA Program, you will take one summer semester of three online MBA classes between your junior and senior years. The courses are online to allow you to engage in study abroad, internship, or co-op experiences while staying on track academically. During senior year, you will take another set of 1.5 credit hour STEM Business Honors courses dedicated to your senior project. You will take another semester of three online MBA classes between your senior year and MBA year. Finally, you will return to campus and take five courses in the fall and five courses in the spring to complete the MBA.


Starting freshman year, you will be assigned group innovation projects every semester that involve developing business models for new products or businesses. These innovation projects are themed; some past examples include NASA IP, a project focused on creating a marketable application of NASA intellectual property, and SmartCampus, which focuses on integrating modern techniques and technologies into university campuses to solve everyday problems. Typically, there are two innovation projects per semester. Additionally, as a final project, there is a case study focusing on the business topic of the semester. During your senior year, you will work on a year-long group project sourced from actual companies on the STEM and CREATE Paths to the MBA Advisory Board.

Curriculum Schedule

Freshman Year:

  • Fall: GBA 171
  • Spring: GBA 172

Sophomore Year:

  • Fall: GBA 271
  • Spring: GBA 272

Junior Year:

  • Fall: GBA 371
  • Spring: GBA 372
  • Summer: 3 Online MBA Courses*

Senior Year:

  • Fall: GBA 571
  • Spring: GBA 572
  • Summer: 3 Online MBA Courses

MBA Year:

  • Fall: 5 On-campus MBA Courses
  • Spring: 5 On-campus MBA Courses

*Assumes completion of 91 credit hours and admission to Graduate School