Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I study abroad or hold internships or co-ops if I am accepted into the program?

Yes! Several students from the STEM Path to the MBA have engaged in these opportunities throughout the years, and it will be the same for you on the CREATE Path to the MBA. We use remote conferencing technologies to keep you involved with the STEM Business Honors cohort. You can still work with teams of other CREATE-MBA and STEM-MBA students on class projects while balancing your commitments to studying abroad or an internship/co-op.

What are the costs associated with the MBA portion of the CREATE Path to the MBA?

You will be required to pay tuition for two summer semesters, one fall and one spring of MBA courses. There are additional costs in the form of fees, textbooks, and general living expenses; more information on fees can be found on the MBA Program’s website.

Can leftover semesters from the Presidential Scholarship or National Merit Finalist Scholarships be applied to the MBA semesters?

Yes, extra semesters of scholarship funding can be used for the MBA portions of the program.

Can I graduate early and still be on the CREATE Path to the MBA?

Yes. As each situation is different, you will need to discuss your options with your CREATE Business Honors professor.

How is the application process for the MBA Program different for those on the CREATE Path to the MBA?

You have a different application time frame on the CREATE Path to the MBA. You will need to take the GMAT or GRE and submit your completed application by November 15th of your junior year for the MBA program. The supporting documents are the same, but one of the three required letters of recommendation will come from your STEM Business Honors professor.