MBA Academics

What We Offer:

  • Built-in flexibility allows a variety of concentrations and dual degrees
  • State-of-the-art facilities and technology
  • Team-based approach
  • High return on investment
  • Strong network of professional connections

At Manderson, there are several ways to gain an MBA. The STEM Path to the MBA offers a flexible program for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math undergraduate majors to obtain a bachelors and graduate degree in five years. The CREATE Path to the MBA allows students in creative undergraduate majors to obtain a bachelors and graduate degree in five years.

Curriculum & Paths

Traditional Path to the MBA 

Our traditional MBA program is lock-step, so students take courses with their classmates in sequential order.

STEM Path to the MBA

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines integrated into undergraduate studies.

CREATE Path to the MBA

Art, Music, Design, Theatre and more creative disciplines integrated into undergraduate studies.

The Traditional MBA

First Year Fall First Year Spring
Leadership/Ethics Spreadsheet Analytics
Statistics for Business Application Financial Management
Survey of Marketing Managerial Economics
Operations Management Project and Process Management
Managerial Accounting Concentration Elective



Second Year Fall Second Year Spring
Business Communications International Business Administration
Business Strategy Concentration Electives (3-4)
Concentration Electives (3)

Concentration Options

Business Analytics

Manderson offers one of the few graduate business programs to prepare students for certifications in SAS, the premier software for the data mining industry. By detecting hidden patterns and relationships among massive amounts of raw information, data mining produces knowledge that reveals how organizations can improve performance. Data mining and analysis require application experience and specialized data skills. As a graduate of our program, you should possess this unique combination of knowledge, skill, and experience that qualifies you to work for major players in business industries. This concentration also features an optional international trip during the summer.


The Finance concentration offers a comprehensive understanding of financial markets, personal finance, and corporate finance, as well as the best practices of corporate behavior. This challenging concentration provides a broad understanding of corporate finance, financial restructuring, securities analysis, portfolio management, and financial institutions and markets. You will gain the expertise necessary to make important decisions regarding business finance for any size corporation.

Financial Risk

Any business or nonprofit organization can be exposed to a variety of risks. Put simply, business is risk. Financial risk management is a complex, dynamic process requiring quantitative measurement. In recent years, there has been explosive growth in the need to manage financial risk and the firms that provide it. People managing financial risk must be quite comfortable with quantitative concepts and must have the ability to handle large amounts of information. You will be prepared to effectively manage risk for your companies.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

The Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration focuses on the business side of information systems and how to use technology to maximize value for an organization.  The curriculum focuses on the latest technical and managerial skills related to information systems in organizations, including data analytics, cyber security, and systems analysis and design, while also providing the broad perspective students need to advance in the information systems management field.

Real Estate

Real estate in the 21st century is more liquid, more public and more global than ever before. The real estate concentration involves study and analysis of the economic, social, physical, governmental, legal and financial aspects of real estate in the U.S. and across the world. Be prepared to manage the physical and financial aspects of real estate in the local and global asset market.

Learn more about Culverhouse’s extensive real estate education offerings.

Strategic Management and Marketing

As organizational needs become increasingly dynamic, there is a growing demand for problem solvers who can deliver across industries. The MBA strategy concentration provides an opportunity for students to study in the management, marketing, healthcare or entrepreneurship fields. This concentration covers an organization’s internal operations and includes business partners, appraisal of present and future partners, and strategic implementation.

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Supply chain and operations management encompasses the planning and management of all supply chain activities, as well as the sourcing, procurement, coordination and collaboration with partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers. Supply chain and operations management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. With a supply chain and operations management concentration, you will be able to manage and coordinate activities in this global pipeline to ensure an effective and efficient flow of materials and information from the time a need arises until it is satisfied.

Joint Degrees


Backed by the world-class faculty and powerful alumni networks of both the University of Alabama School of Law and Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business, the JD/MBA program offers a four-year curriculum. Participating students emerge from the cross-disciplinary course of study with highly marketable skills positioning you for success in today’s global environment. Alabama’s JD/MBA students are immersed in a rigorous set of classes and are involved in real business and legal situations, with the opportunity to interact with key executives and practicing attorneys. If you are searching for a new and strategic way to explore the intersecting worlds of business and law, if you seek a balance of team- and case-based learning, and if you desire unparalleled value for your higher education dollar, you belong at Alabama.

MBA/MFA – Theatre Management

The combination of theater management and business gives students an edge in the arts. One of three in the country, this unique blend produces top-quality candidates ready to make smart management decisions in the challenging and always entertaining world of theater and beyond.


Engineering and MBA graduates from the University of Alabama offer more than just technical knowledge to their future employers — they combine essential financial skills with engineering through two innovative dual degree programs. Students earn master’s degrees in civil engineering (  or mechanical engineering (, in addition to an MBA. As Alabama’s automotive, manufacturing, energy, construction and civil engineering industries continue to expand, financial business skills are more essential to guiding engineering projects. You will be able to immediately impact your future employers through both engineering technical knowledge and the bottom-line financial goals.