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Our Manderson MBA is built on high quality and affordability that you will value. It pays for itself within 3.7 years according to Forbes’ 2018 return on investment ranking. Learn more about tuition and fees, financial aid and see our application process for highly competitive scholarship and assistantship opportunities.

Cost per credit hour:

Resident Non-resident
$454 $1,069

*estimates include the cost of tuition and course fees for 2018-2018, and an annual increase is expected.

Investment Structure:

Tuition is due prior to each semester. This breakdown is based on 2018-2019 tuition rates, and are expected to increase each year. For the most current rates, see University Tuition Rates. The MBA Reservation fee is due upon admission. It is non-refundable, and covers the reservation of your seat, LAUNCH and administrative costs, and is not a deposit towards tuition. It is also not included in the above cost/credit hour calculation.


Projected Budget Resident (in-state) Non-resident
MBA Reservation Fee $1,000 $1,000
1st Year Tuition & Fees $13,610 $32,060
2nd Year Tuition & Fees $15,149 $31,022
Total Two-Year Estimate $28,759 $64,082

Other Estimated Costs to Consider

Books & Supplies: $1,000 per Year

Housing: See UA’s Off-Campus Housing Guide

Parking (optional) – $200-$600 per Year

Explanation of Fees

MBA Reservation Fee: This required fee, sometimes called a “seating fee,” is paid when accepting your place in the MBA class. It covers the reservation of your seat, as well as various Launch (orientation) and administrative costs. It is not a deposit towards tuition. Scholarships typically do not cover this fee.

Graduate Course Fees: $250.00/course (ten courses in first year, nine or more in second year).

Business School Technology Fees: $11/credit hour (30 credit hours in first year, 27 or more in second year).

Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 9–15 hours per regular semester. An overload fee is assessed for each credit hour in excess of the full-time tuition schedule.

Financial Aid

All candidates for admissions are evaluated for available awards, with award decisions being made after admission has been determined. See Admissions page for details.

Visit any of the following websites to find out more about the financial aid available to students seeking graduate degrees:

UA’s Financial Aid:





Go Grad Financial Aid and Scholarship Database

If you have any questions or would like to meet directly with the admissions director, email or schedule an appointment.