Career Services

Driving Student Success

We are passionate about our students’ success. Students at Manderson Graduate School of Business are able to work with a dedicated team of Career Services staff focused on their success. Through document building, building skills and professionalism, opportunities for self-analysis, and attention to building personal competencies, Manderson equips our students to achieve their goals.


Resumes, Cover Letters,
Thank You Notes,
Public Profiles


Communication, Interviewing, Networking, Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, Time Management

Building Professionalism

Digital Presence,
Business Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Dress and Appearance

Building Personal Competencies

Personal Financial Management, Social Responsibility, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Current graduate Students

As a current student in the Manderson Graduate School of Business, you have access to Career Connect – a powerful tool designed to assist you with all of your career advising, career exploration, and corporate engagement needs. 

Prospective Graduate Students

Here at Manderson, we are passionate about equipping our students with the resources they need to succeed beyond graduation. Our dedicated Career Services team works diligently to help place each Manderson student in a role that fits his or her individual capabilities and career aspirations.

  • Total MBA Students: 154
  • Average Salary: $74,060
  • Highest Salary: $130,000
  • Average Sign On Bonus: $6,242
  • Highest Bonus: $15,000
  • Top 5 Functions: Consulting, Marketing/Sales, Finance, Business Data & Analytics, Operations/Logistics **
  • Top 5 Industries: Consulting, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Real Estate **
  • Total Specialized Masters Students: 327
  • Average Salary: $63,635
  • Highest Salary: $119,000
  • Average Sign On Bonus: $5,482
  • Top 5 Functions: Accounting, Marketing/Sales, Consulting, Finance, Business Data & Analytics **
  • Top 5 Industries: Accounting, Financial Services, Consulting, Technology, Media/Entertainment **

* Based on standard collection cycles

** Does not include undefined or “Other” status


Ready to apply?

  1. Review your specific program’s admissions requirements.
  2. Prepare your materials.
  3. Apply to the graduate school and get ready to gain the Manderson Advantage.

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