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Interested in a career in accounting and assurance services? Manderson’s nationally-recognized Master of Accountancy degree program prepares future professionals for careers in these fields by focusing on the development of research, cognitive thinking, interpersonal and communication skills.

As a graduate of the Master of Accountancy program, you’ll be prepared to sit for the CPA exam. You will also develop key skills and attributes to facilitate your growth as an accounting professional.


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What to expect

Students take a minimum of 30 hours of graduate courses, including a minimum of 21 hours of accounting courses. Up to nine elective hours may be chosen from 500-level courses and must be approved by the coordinator of the MAcc program.

Choose electives that align with your career goals, like:

  • Assurance
  • Healthcare
  • Wealth management
  • Fraud investigation
  • Sports management
  • And many more!

Prerequisite Courses

Before being admitted to the program, you should have completed the following accounting courses or their equivalents:

Course | Title | Hours 

AC 310 | Fin Rptg & Anyls of Bus Actv I | 3 
AC 311 | Fin Rptg & Anyls Bus Actvts II | 3
AC 361 | Cost Analysis Planning/Control | 3 
AC 371 | Introduction To Taxation | 3 
AC 389 | Accounting Information Systems – Development, Operation, and Control | 3 
AC 432 | Intro to Corporate Governance | 3 
AC 456 | Government & Nonprofit Accounting | 3 
AC 471 | Taxation of Business Transactions & Organizations | 3 

Application Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college
  • Transcripts from all colleges attended
  • A statement of purpose outlining your reasons for desiring the degree
  • An up-to-date resume
  • Three letters of recommendation (at least one of which should be from an accounting professor)
  • GMAT score*

*GMAT Waiver Policy: If you meet any of the following criteria you may qualify to have the GMAT requirement waived (Applicants that do not meet any of the criteria may apply for a waiver which will be considered on a case-by-case basis):

  • An accounting GPA of 3.25 or above in a minimum of 15 upper-division credit hours
  • Already hold a graduate degree
  • Have passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam
  • Have five years of management experience that includes significant budgetary and leadership responsibility and a 3.0 (or better) upper-division undergraduate GPA from an accredited university

The Master of Accountancy degree program is a fifth-year professional program designed to provide students with greater breadth and depth of understanding in accounting and business than is possible in an undergraduate program.

That means that as a graduate, you will be prepared to be a professional accountant in public accounting, financial institutions, industry, and nonprofit organizations. You’ll be ready to research various databases related to troublesome accounting problems, and to exercise judgment in making accounting-related decisions by drawing on your integrated, comprehensive body of accounting and business knowledge. You will also develop cutting-edge data science techniques to analyze large datasets, identify anomalies, perform statistical analysis, and construct data visualizations.

Accounting Course Requirements for MMA program

As a student, you take a minimum of 30 hours of graduate courses, which includes the following 21 hours of accounting courses:

Course | Description | Hours 

AC 512 | Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis | 3 
AC 523 | Business Valuation & Performance Measurement | 3 
AC 532 | Corporate Governance and Risk Assessment | 3 
AC 534 | Fraud & Ethics Risk Management | 3 
AC 547 | Data Analytics for Accounting | 3 
AC 561 | Accounting Business Management | 3 
AC 589 | Systems Analysis & Control | 3 

Typical graduate tuition rates apply for both in-state and out-of-state students. Learn about the tuition and cost of attending graduate school at The University of Alabama.


The Culverhouse School of Accountancy awards scholarships and assistantships to eligible students in the Master of Accountancy or Master of Tax Accounting programs based on factors such as merit and/ or need, depending upon the underlying scholarship agreements.

Currently Enrolled Accounting Students

If you are a currently enrolled and seeking a scholarship, you should use the undergraduate scholarship application **for currently enrolled UA students** for MAcc and MTA scholarships. 

To be considered for scholarships as an incoming MAcc / MTA student, you must be listed as an accounting major complete the scholarship form as follows:

  1. On myBama, go to your Admissions/Scholarships Tab.
  2. In the left-hand column titled “Scholarships,” you will see a section labeled “Undergraduate Students Only.” Click on the link underneath the title labeled “Current Student Scholarship Application.
  3. Once you access the application, please select the following information:
    • Anticipated class status: Senior
    • Anticipated college: Culverhouse College of Commerce.
    • Anticipated Graduation Term: Select either Spring 2024 or Summer 2024 depending on your estimated graduation date.
    • Complete Section C of the form (the written section). This is your opportunity to provide details about your financial situation and other special circumstances. We urge you to use the section concerning extraordinary circumstances / special needs to describe personal circumstances that create financial need and/or have had a significant impact on your academic performance. These circumstances may be physical, emotional, or financial. It is important that the scholarship committee knows all it can about you and your specific needs/circumstances.

The deadline for this scholarship application is March 1, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. We cannot extend this deadline, so be sure to complete the application as soon as possible. You do not have to have your Graduate School Application complete in order to submit the scholarship application. If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact Sydney Simmons in the accounting office for assistance

Outside Students Seeking Enrollment into our MAcc/MTA

Applicants to the MAcc or MTA program from other Universities should complete this form for scholarships: MAcc/MTA Scholarship Application for Non-Alabama Students and contact Dr. Rich Houston at for information about assistantships.

You do not have to have your Graduate School Application completed in order to submit the scholarship application.

The deadline for this scholarship application is March 1, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. We cannot extend this deadline, so please complete the application as soon as possible. You do not have to have your Graduate School Application complete in order to submit the scholarship application. If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact Sydney Simmons for assistance


Other Financial Aid

In addition to scholarships and student loans, the following types of financial assistance are available:

University Fellowships

The department is allowed to nominate a small number of students who compete with students from other colleges on campus for fellowship positions.  For additional information please visit the Graduate School website and/or contact the Program Director Troy Pollard,, or Department Chair Rich Houston,

Graduate Assistantships

Every applicant accepted for admission into the program is automatically considered for a graduate assistantship.  Assistantships are awarded based upon the materials submitted as part of the application to the program (e.g. Academic transcripts, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Resume). Graduate assistants are typically assigned to one of the following roles: tutors for undergraduate courses, research assistants, LIFT leaders, teacher assistants, or AC210 lab instructors.

Cash Scholarships

Cash scholarships are awarded based on a number of different criteria (merit, financial need, etc.) according to the desires of our generous alumni. Students should fill out the scholarship application detailing any specific details of their background and financial situation. See the following link for the application.

The Culverhouse School of Accountancy hosts career fairs each semester. Students have the opportunity to network with professionals in public accounting, corporate accounting, finance, government, and non-profit organizations.  Recent job placements include:

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Aprio
  • BDO
  • Bennett Thrasher
  • BMSS
  • CBIZ
  • Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Class Advisors, Inc.
  • CRI
  • Crowe
  • Dixon Hughes Goodman
  • FBI
  • Freddie Mac
  • Grant Thornton
  • Home Chef
  • Jackson Thornton
  • LeCroy Richardson, PC
  • McAbee Construction, Inc.
  • Mercedes-Benz U.S. International
  • Moore Colson
  • Norfolk Southern
  • RSM
  • Smith, Dukes, and Buckalew
  • TravelSky
  • Warren Averett, LLC
  • Way, Ray, Shelton & Co., P.C

Q: What time of year can I start the program?

A: You can begin the program in the spring, summer, or fall. Accounting courses are taught exclusively in the spring and fall; however, they are not taught in sequence so students may start at any time during the academic year. Some electives are offered in the summer; however, the majority are also offered in the spring and fall semesters.

Q: Is there an application deadline?

A: No, we review applications as they are submitted. However, students are encouraged to apply before scholarships are awarded in order to receive full consideration for financial assistance. Typically, cash scholarships are awarded the semester prior to when the student starts coursework.

Q: Does the program provide career counseling?

A: Yes, the accounting department organizes career fairs each semester in which students can network with employers located around the globe as well as others located exclusively in the Southeastern United States. Manderson also has a career services department.

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MAcc Champions

Students that pass the CPA exam enjoy the privilege of posing with a championship belt, celebrating the milestone and their hard work

Ready to apply?

  1. Review your specific program’s admissions requirements.
  2. Prepare your materials.
  3. Apply to the graduate school and get ready to gain the Manderson Advantage.

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