The Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Preparing students to contribute to and, ultimately, to lead information technology teams

Virtually all software used today — the source of so much automation and disruptive innovation in our world — is created by human beings. Simply put, software cannot create new software. Instead, software solutions must be created by people: teams of highly skilled information technology professionals, who together perform a creative, challenging, and highly labor-intensive process.

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems, or MSMIS, prepares students to contribute to and, ultimately, lead information technology teams in designing and delivering software solutions that effectively address real-world business needs.

In broad strokes, this program teaches skills in the following areas:

  • Vision: Identifying the business problem or opportunity, envisioning the IT solution, and determining its feasibility.
  • Requirements: Determining features the system must provide and designing how those features work.
  • Selecting approach: Identifying and evaluating key alternatives, including whether to build or buy the solution. 
  • Project leadership: Setting and managing business customer expectations through effective negotiations and communications.
  • Project management: Assembling the team, planning the project, executing development, configuring the software, and testing.
  • Managing change: Identifying and mitigating risks and issues, including helping the business customer prepare the organization to use the new software.

The MSMIS addresses all these areas; it is this breadth that distinguishes the MSMIS from the more narrowly and technologically focused computer science degree. Furthermore, it is because of this wide range of skills and responsibilities that MSMIS graduates can expect to take on one of the most challenging and rewarding professional roles that a student can pursue.

Program Info

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems is an on-campus program. The degree requires 30 hours of coursework via ten three-hour courses. Students will benefit from an MIS program that is one of the leaders both nationwide and in the southeastern United States.

The program has a strong focus on cyber security, which is one of the most important and rapidly evolving areas in the world of information technology. Students may also focus on decision analytics.

More details about the Master of Science in Management Information Systems are available here.

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