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Manderson is more than a place of learning—it is a place of ideas and innovation. By promoting independence of thought, and a rigorous academic curriculum, it’s no wonder that Manderson’s doctoral programs are among the most respected in the country.

Our Doctoral programs prepare candidates for roles as educators at prominent academic institutions and universities where the extensive research capabilities gained through an education at Manderson are a necessity. We facilitate these ambitions through a curriculum that, among its stated goals, requires from its students a dissertation, three to five years of research-intensive learning, and independent inquiry, along with close coordination with faculty who oversee the candidate’s doctoral program.


decorated programs







fields of study


Ranked 7th nationally by Public Accounting Report, Manderson provides rigorous training in diverse accounting research areas

applied statistics

Research-intensive program for students who demand an in-depth understanding of statistical tools for solving real-world problems


Equipping students with advanced training and knowledge for careers in research, teaching, economic analysis, and public policy
on a international scale


Designed for students aspiring to excel in diverse global finance careers, including real estate, insurance, risk management, and corporate and investment finance


With a proven history of success, we place students in prestigious research universities, enabling them to secure esteemed teaching and research roles nationwide


Focusing on the intersection between strategy and behavioral research, including a high level of quantitative grounding necessary to be a successful researcher

operations management

Enabling students to conduct advanced research in areas such as healthcare, sustainability, supply chain management,
and sports analytics

Operations Management: MIS Focal Area of Study

Information systems are vital in shaping societal challenges, requiring scholars to address complex socio-technical issues

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