PhD Programs

Seven different doctoral programs for those interested in advanced studies leading to careers in academics, including research and teaching, or industry.

Manderson is more than a place of learning—it is a place of ideas and innovation. By promoting independence of thought and a rigorous academic curriculum, it’s no wonder that Manderson’s doctoral programs are among the most respected in the country.

Our PhD program prepares candidates for roles as educators at prominent academic institutions and universities where the extensive research capabilities learned at Manderson are a necessity. We facilitate these ambitions through a curriculum that, among its stated goals, requires from its students a dissertation, three to five years of research-intensive learning, and independent inquiry, along with close coordination with faculty who oversee the candidate’s doctoral program.

Our renowned faculty and at-the-vanguard programs produce scholarly work that informs and advances society and internationally recognized academics who go on to become influential thought leaders and innovators.

Get Started

Initiate your path to a doctorate from Manderson by browsing the program of interest below. Each program has its own point-of-contact, but for general inquiries, contact April Ingram, director of PhD programs, at