Global Experiential Learning Initiative

Want to study abroad
during spring break as
a Manderson student?

The Manderson Global Experiential Learning Initiative (GELI) is a transformative study abroad program designed to increase access to all Manderson students – regardless of degree path.  This innovative initiative will allow students to improve their cultural awareness, explore diverse career opportunities, and dynamically apply what is learned in the classroom internationally!

Interview Icebreaker

60% of students that study abroad are asked about it during their interview

Lost in Translation

40% of companies miss international business opportunities due to a lack of internationally competent personnel

Wanderlust Scholars

Only 3.4% of graduate students globally study abroad

Student Perspectives

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Allen Fletcher | Traditional MBA

An MBA student specializing in cybersecurity, Allen Fletcher is driven by a fervent curiosity to unravel the intricacies of its international applications, fueling his quest to bridge the gap between security and globalization. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a global mindset, Allen aims to pioneer innovative solutions that safeguard businesses across borders in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Abigayle Lety | Master of Accountancy

Master of Accountancy student Abigayle Lety thrives on cultural exposure, honing cross-cultural communication skills, navigating diverse environments, and showcasing adaptability. With a keen eye on the global landscape, she aims to seamlessly integrate cultural nuances into her professional repertoire, fostering inclusive and effective collaboration across borders.

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Jack Gerus | STEM Path to the MBA

Charting his STEM Path to the MBA, Jack Gerus embraces a holistic approach by immersing himself in Spanish language practice. Passionate about learning and open to new perspectives, he thrives on adapting to diverse experiences, constantly expanding his horizons and fostering innovation through cross-cultural collaboration.

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Elyse Peters | Traditional MBA

Elyse Peters, an MBA student specializing in strategic management and marketing, radiates an inherent appreciation for diversity and an unwavering enthusiasm for mastering the Spanish language. Building upon her foundational undergraduate study abroad program in Bolivia, she eagerly applied for an international venture in graduate school, driven by a curiosity to unravel the nuances of global business practices. With a focus on broadening her worldview and nurturing cultural empathy, Elyse is poised to cultivate inclusive leadership skills that transcend borders and enrich the modern workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that 60% of students that study abroad and document the experience on their resumes are explicitly asked about it during an interview? GELI offers you the opportunity to stand out as a candidate by having a well-rounded background that employers deem valuable – despite what industry you intend to pursue for a job or internship. Also, 40% of companies miss international business opportunities due to a lack of internationally competent personnel. Why not leverage this experience as a value-add to your future organization or entrepreneurial venture!

Sources: AIFS, IIE, NACE

The tenets of GELI are Career Exploration, Professional Etiquette, Service Leadership, and Academic Practical Application. You should expect a combination of these to resonate in your trip – from informative corporate visits, dynamic cultural immersions, and engaging volunteer opportunities.

GELI seeks to be an embedded experience of a course that you would be taking anyway that semester. For example, if you plan to take MKT 123 and that course is a GELI option, you would register for the section of MKT 123 that allows you to participate in the trip. You would still attend that class at its normal meeting time. Participating faculty will assign you an Engagement Activity (e.g., project, assignment, etc.) that coincides with what you are learning in your individual class that aligns with the program location. You cannot complete the one-week program for full credit of the course only. The portfolio of courses offered is subject to change to increase variability.

The Global Experiential Learning Initiative program is unique in that it is connected to courses you are already taking. The following courses for Spring 2024 were connected with and approved for GELI:

  • IBA 550: Global Business (Dr. Stanford Westjohn)
  • MKT 543: Advanced Digital & Social Media (Dr. Stacey Robinson)
  • FI 597: Real Estate Finance (Dr. Alan Tidwell)
  • MGT 556: Data Visualization (Dr. Chapman Greer)
  • AC 548: Financial Statement Analysis (Dr. Troy Pollard)
  • EC 597: Development Economics (Dr. Peter Brummund)
  • GBA 525: Business Policy (Dr. Ronald Dulek)

Increasing access to study abroad opportunities also means being mindful of the program’s cost. GELI offers an extremely competitive out of pocket cost to you that assures optimal affordability.

Want to Contribute?

An essential feature of GELI is affordability!  Manageable out-of-pocket costs for students is a priority when developing destination plans.  Your support for this program is critical in expanding access to even more students interested in gaining this experience.  All proceeds will directly support student programming and travel expenses going abroad! Your contributions will greatly aid in improving the professional growth of future UA business leaders!