Alumni Info

Graduates of the Ph.D. program in Finance have gone on to become academics and researchers at some of the world’s most prominent institutions.

Mehran Azimi - Tenure Track professor at The University of Massachusetts, Boston

Sott Luo - University of Oklahoma

Emma Xu - Tenure Track professor at the College of Charleston

Lukal Yang - Tenure Track professor at Texas A&M International

Anqi Jiao - Tenure Track Professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Haoyi Yang - Tenure Track Professor at Nanjing University

Wenqiao Zhang - Tenure Track Professor at JiaoTong University


Michael Young - Post-Doctoral Student at The University of Missouri

Collin Gilstrap - University of Toledo

Daewoung (Joey) Chol - LSU-Shreveport

Joseph Stover - Trinity University

Weiwel Zhang - Visiting Assistant Professor at Madison University

Mi Shen - Central University of Finance & Economics

Xinyan Yan, Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Dayton

Binay Adhikari, Assistant Professor of Finance at Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Randy Beavers, Associate Professor of Finance at Seattle Pacific University

S. Brad Daughdrill, Director of Data Science at USAA

Jackson Mills, Assistant Professor of Finance at St. Joseph's University

James Malm, Associate Professor at College of Charleston

Eli Sherrill, Associate Professor at Illinois State University

Kate Upton, Associate Professor of Finance and Director of the Reed Finance Center at Elon University

M. Tony Via, Assistant Professor at Kent State University

Steven Stelk, Assistant Teaching Professor at University of Southern Mississippi

Rusty Yerkes, Associate Professor of Finance/Medical Properties Trust Faculty Fellow at Samford University, Brock School of Business

Heng An, Associate Professor at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Jin Q Jeon, Professor of Finance at Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea

Xudong Fu, Associate Professor at University of Louisville

Kimberly Goodwin, Full Professor and Director of the School of Finance and Parham Bridges Chair of Real Estate at University of Southern Mississippi

Qin Lian, Cameron Professor of Finance at Portland State University

Hao-Chen Liu, Associate Professor at College of Charleston

John C. Wiley, Director MSRE Program, Bowers Professor of Real Estate at Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University

Brandon Cline, Director of the Institute for Market Studies, John “Nutie” and Edie Dowdle Professor of Finance at Mississippi State University

Travis Jones, Professor of Finance at Florida Gulf Coast University

Sara H Robicheaux, Dean of Business Programs/ B.A. Monaghan Professor of Business at Birmingham-Southern College

Ken H Johnson, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at Florida Atlantic University College of Business

Sean Salter, Assistant Dean for Assessment/Associate Professor of Finance/Dale Carnegie Trainer at Middle Tennessee State University -- Jones College of Business

John M Clark, Chair, Department of Finance at University of Missouri Kansas City

Pankaj Agrrawal, Professor of Finance at University of Maine

H. Shelton Weeks, Chair, Department of Economics & Finance at Florida Gulf Coast University

Doug Waggle, Professor of Finance at University of West Florida

D. K. Malhotra, Professor of Finance at Thomas Jefferson University

John Burnett, former professor of finance at The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Maneesh Sharma, Dean, College of Business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide

Kam C. (Johnny) Chan, Leon Page Endowed Chair of Finance at Western Kentucky University

K. Victor Chow, Professor of Finance at West Virginia University

Kartono Liano, Professor of Finance at Mississippi State University

Ming-Shiun Pan, Professor of Finance at Shippensburg University

Hassan Tehranian, Professor and Griffith Family Millennium Chair in Finance at Boston College, Carroll School of Management