Class of 2020

Allie Burton- Memphis ,TN

Undergraduate Major: Advertising (in 3 years)

Concentration: Political Science

MBA Specialization: Marketing and Management

“I stumbled upon the CREATE Path to the MBA in May of my senior year of high school. When I met with the head of the program, Dr. Morgan, at my orientation session that summer and hesitantly decided to give the program a chance, I had no idea what an influential part of my time at UA it would become. As an advertising major, I always knew that to move into leadership roles in the agency world, I would need to get an MBA, and the CREATE Path has enabled me to accomplish this goal in a unique environment. I have learned how to work with people who have technical backgrounds through taking classes with students in the STEM Path program. I have created relationships with the program’s professors that have helped guide me in my time here at UA as well as into my future career goals. I have created friendships that I’m positive will extend past receiving my diploma in May of 2020. Being a part of the inaugural class of the CREATE Path to the MBA has opened doors for me and given me experiences that I didn’t see coming, and for that, I am so grateful.”


Grace Howington- Nashville, TN

Undergraduate Major: Restaurant and Hospitality Management

Concentration: Meetings and Events

MBA Specialization: Strategic Management and Marketing

“The CREATE Path to the MBA Program has been a wonderful addition to my college career. It has given me better professional skills, challenged me academically, and given me a small community on this big campus. My CREATE Path professors constantly challenge me to think outside the box, which is not something I have been able to do often in my other coursework. I can also say that, after four years, I’ve gotten to know my professors in the program very well, which has given me the privilege to seek their advice and share experiences with them. I’m very grateful for this because it has allowed me to grow as a student and a professional. In addition, I have built lasting friendships with my classmates due to the small class sizes, which gives us a sense of community. The advantage of getting to be in class with the same cohort for four years is that it facilitates better group discussion and makes collaboration easier. Overall, I think that the CREATE Program has played a positive role in shaping my experience here at the Capstone.”


Ben Tarkoff- Orinda, CA

Undergraduate Major: Communication Studies (in 3 years)

Minor: Political Science

MBA Specialization: Marketing and Management

“My undergraduate degree was in communication studies, and being in the CREATE program has allowed me to combine my public speaking background with a business context. The program has not only diversified my educational background and made me a more ideal job candidate, but it has led me to meet some of my favorite faculty and fellow students on campus.