STEM Path to the MBA

Get the details about the STEM and CREATE Path to the MBA programs in the video above.

Launched in Fall 2011, the STEM Path to the MBA allows high-achieving undergraduate students majoring in STEM disciplines to complete coursework to earn an MBA from the Manderson Graduate School of Business in only one calendar year beyond the completion of an undergraduate degree.

The program is centered around innovative solutions to real-world problems. Using nontraditional classroom methods and experiential learning opportunities, you have the opportunity to grow both academically deep into your major of study and functionally broad across different areas like communication, leadership, and professionalism. The resulting sum of experiences develops a solid foundation for you to grow into management roles in high-tech companies.

Apply to the STEM Path to the MBA for Entering Freshmen

In 2017, the STEM Path to the MBA program was an MBA Roundtable Innovator Award finalist.

The faculty and staff of the program are shared between the STEM Path to the MBA and the CREATE Path to the MBA. For general questions, feel free to send an email to or call 205-348-8958.