STEM Path to MBA Alumni

Charting Your Own Course

Class of 2020

Mae Crumbley - Madison, AL

Undergraduate Major: Biology
MBA Specialization: Custom
Studied abroad with the STEM Path
Career Placement: Medical Student at the University of Michigan Medical School

“During medical shadowing experiences before my freshman year of college, I would always ask physicians and healthcare workers what classes they wished they had taken. “Business” was the overwhelming answer. The STEM Path to the MBA program offered me the perfect opportunity to explore business concepts with a personalized twist while pursuing a pre-med path. Many of my projects throughout the program, as well as my experience studying abroad in India, were centered around healthcare. The curriculum, along with MBA extracurriculars, broadened my views of the healthcare industry and encouraged creative thinking. During my MBA year, I competed with the Manderson Case Team at the University of Pittsburgh and built lasting relationships with members of my MBA class. I truly believe the STEM Path program is committed to encouraging and supporting students as they develop their diverse career paths.”

Piper Daniels - Grapevine, TX

Undergraduate Major: Aerospace Eng
Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Studied Abroad with the STEM Path
MBA Specialization: International Business
Career Placement: Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin

“Choosing a college to spend the next four years seemed daunting as a senior in high school, but once I found out about the STEM Path to the MBA program, I knew I needed to come to The University of Alabama. I had always been eager to lead in extracurriculars and groups, so I wanted to continue that when I graduated from college. The incredible faculty and staff members in the STEM Path to the MBA program provided me with the tools and opportunities that I needed to be successful as a leader in college and after graduation. From finance to management, communication to culture navigation, presentation practice to study abroad opportunities, I felt like I was able to grow within each category and successfully draw from them outside of class. I am confident that the skills I learned within the program are what set me apart from other applicants and earned me my position with Lockheed Martin, and I know that the friends and connections I made along the way will propel me even further throughout my career. I am eternally grateful to this amazing program for all it has done for and offered me. Roll Tide!”

Garrett Hoard - Grapevine, TX

Undergraduate Major: Nursing
MBA Specialization: Custom with focus in Healthcare Administration
Career Placement: Registered Nurse in Cardiothoracic and Transplant Intensive Care Unit at Baylor University Medical Center- Dallas

“The STEM-MBA program was a perfect fit for my career interests and goals and was my deciding factor to attend the University of Alabama. I always had an interest in business and healthcare, so being able to combine the two programs of study and earn an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing was an easy decision. I will be the first nursing student to complete the STEM-MBA program at Alabama, so I hope to provide guidance for any future students who may be interested in this pathway. I am aiming to combine my clinical experience at a Magnet accredited hospital along with my business education in order to gain further career advancements in hospital leadership and administration. I highly recommend the STEM-MBA program for any student that is interested in pursuing an MBA.”

Pedram Maleknia - Huntsville, AL

Undergraduate Major: Biology
Minors: Blount Scholars Program, Pre-Med Track
MBA Specialization: Real Estate and Public Health
Career Placement: UAB School of Medicine

“As an aspiring physician, I wanted to make sure that I would be equipped with all the tools necessary in order to become the best doctor that I could be. With the incredible curriculum that Dr. Morgan and the STEM path to MBA faculty created, I was able to learn the intricacies of what the world has to offer in the classroom and outside of it. From my study abroad trip to India to the Speaker’s Edge competition, my growth personally and intellectually while at the University of Alabama has a lot to do with my time in this great program!”

Daniel Nielsen - Rockford, IL

Undergraduate Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Studied Abroad with the STEM Path
MBA Specialization: Business Analytics
Career Placement: PSG Rotation Program at Intel Corporation

“The STEM Path to the MBA Program constituted a subtle yet formative part of my development while at the University of Alabama. As a freshman entering the program, I valued the potential to broaden my academic horizons and ultimately round out my educational experience. Now, reflecting back upon my time in the program, I realize the synergistic effect that it has had on my development. The business-centric perspective, coupled with the support of an incredible group of faculty, driven peers, and transformative experiences abroad, has helped me to cultivate a much more diverse and global perspective. More tangibly, this has fueled a desire to position me at the crossroads of technology and business development. The STEM Program can unveil passions you never knew you had while opening the doors to countless new opportunities.”

Christopher Robinson - Chelsea, AL

Undergraduate Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Minor: Spanish, Mathematics, Computer Science
MBA Specialization: Data Analytics
Career Placement: Computer Engineer at Dynetics

“I chose the STEM Path to the MBA because I wanted an education that would prepare me for my entire career, not just my first job. I believe that understanding business processes and operations is critical for technical professionals as their careers advance. Along with business skills, I developed public speaking and presentation skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Along the way, I was able to make connections and lasting friendships across engineering disciplines. In graduate school, I had the opportunity to be a part of the MBA case team, where I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom in a competitive environment. The experiences I had there and throughout the STEM Path to the MBA program comprise many of my favorite memories at UA. This program offers a unique opportunity that I would highly recommend to any student looking for a well-rounded and fruitful education.”

Macey Shirah - Madisonville, LA

Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering
Studied Abroad with the STEM Path
MBA Specialization: Custom
Career Placement: Logistics Engineer in the FUEL Rotational Program at Ascend Performance Materials

“The STEM Path to MBA played a major role in my decision to attend The University of Alabama. I knew I was interested in eventually pursuing a management role and wanted the opportunity to expand my perspective of business as it relates to various industries. The ability to complete both degrees simultaneously and not have to worry about fitting an MBA in during my career was a huge benefit to the program. Looking forward to my first post-graduation role, I have an advantage in already having experience with the crossroads between engineering and business, leading me to feel more prepared for a position in logistics. The value of networking opportunities, professional development, and even studying abroad has improved my marketability and confidence in my job search this past year. The support and experiences of the STEM Program add incredible value to your time at UA!”

Class of 2019

Evan Dwyer - St. Louis, MO

Undergraduate Major: Computer Science (in 3.5 years)
Minor: Spanish and Mathematics
MBA Specialization: Custom
Studied abroad with the STEM Path
Career Placement: Software Development Engineer at Expedia

“The STEM Path to the MBA is one of the primary reasons I decided to attend the University of Alabama. I knew I was interested in being able to fill the gap between technical and business knowledge, so pairing an MBA with my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science seemed like a natural conclusion to this pursuit. I now have an understanding and an appreciation of both sides, along with a fantastic network of friends and professionals to propel my career. I have the program to thank for sponsoring my attendance at the Grace Hopper Conference, which led to my internships and eventual full-time employment with Expedia. I truly believe that the program gives back more than you put into it.“

Elliott Graves - Bentonville, AR

Undergraduate Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics and Psychology
MBA Specialization: Strategic Management
Career Placement: Early Career Development Program, Engineering Project Manager at Apple

“I could not be more grateful for the opportunities provided to me through the STEM Path to the MBA Program. Coming into college, I knew two things: I love math and technology, and I love people. I wanted a career path that incorporated both, and STEM gave me that and more. Through this program, I have developed the professional and managerial skills to accelerate my career and make more of an impact in any and every position. I have been provided with life-changing connections that have shaped me into who I am and opened up doors for who I want to become. I have been greatly encouraged by the wonderful faculty who invest in me as an individual. The STEM Path to the MBA has shown me the extent to which my technical knowledge has real-world applications and provided me opportunities to pursue the areas that inspire me. It is because of this program I have been able to connect with people across industries and backgrounds, catch the attention of potential employers, and even land my dream job.“

Zoe Guckien - Zionsville, IN

Undergraduate Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med Track in 3 years)
Minor: Randall Research Scholars
MBA Specialization: Custom- Healthcare Data
Studied abroad with the STEM Path
Current Status: First Year Medical Student, University of Indiana

“As a freshman, I had no interest in business whatsoever. I was simply a pre-medical student in the STEM Path to the MBA program to appease my mom. However, in retrospect, the STEM Path to the MBA has been one of the most influential parts of my college experience. I have been able to build my professional presence and learn foundational business skillsets that set me apart in my medical school applications. Additionally, as part of a NASA project, two of my STEM Path to MBA peers and I started a biotechnology company and have been able to travel the US for pitch competitions and conferences. While my career path is in medicine and not business, the STEM Path to MBA has been an invaluable experience, and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world.”

Morgan Patrick - Memphis, TN

Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering
MBA Specialization: Business Analytics
Career Placement: Sales Support Specialist at ExxonMobil

“From the beginning, the STEM Path to the MBA provided resources and guidance perfect for my career goals. The STEM and MBA programs are more than sets of courses, and they introduce technical students to softer skills like presenting and project management. As a chemical engineering student, it’s very easy to hyper-focus on technical skills, but the STEM Path to the MBA consistently emphasized a broader approach to engineering and its effects on the business world. As a result of my experience in the program, I was able to market myself as a standout member of both the business and technical worlds and was a perfect candidate for my dream job. I highly recommend the STEM Path to the MBA for a well-rounded course plan and dedicated faculty to help you reach your career goals!“

Clay Wagenhals - Conifer,CO

Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Randall Research Scholars
MBA Specialization: Strategy and Marketing
Career Placement: Assistant Mechanical Engineer at Burns & McDonnell

“Deciding to commit to the STEM Path to the MBA was the best long-term career decision I have made in college. Through the program, I have been introduced to value-driven business strategy, customer identification techniques, the language of accounting and finance, and the foundations of entrepreneurship. Balancing my engineering degree with a business perspective created advantages for me when selecting an industry and a starting role. Being aware of communication strategies, bottom-line product/service development, and the interplay of business dynamics will give me an edge in engineering consulting that makes me valuable to clients and my employer.“

Jake Zalesky - Fort Worth, TX

Undergraduate Major: Aerospace Engineering
MBA Specialization: Aerospace Dual Masters (Masters in MBA and Aerospace Engineering)
Career Placement: Project Engineer at Lockheed Martin

“The STEM Path to the MBA Program has been instrumental to both my personal and professional growth in immeasurable ways. The numerous opportunities afforded by the program have led to co-founding a startup company, internships at great companies where I worked on cutting edge technologies, and, most importantly, to my role as a Project Engineer at Lockheed Martin. As engineering and business become more interconnected, extreme value is created by a program that allows students to concurrently grow their knowledge and skills in both areas. The STEM Path program gives students the tools they need to compete for positions with top companies across the nation.“

Class of 2018

Keegan Brower - Heflin, AL

Undergraduate Major: Mathematics (Statistics Track)
Minor: General Business
MBA Specialization: Supply Chain and Operations Management
Career Placement: Belk

“As soon as I learned about the STEM Path to the MBA, I knew this program and The University of Alabama was the right fit for me. Beyond exposing you to business topics early, the program is chock full of projects and presentations. These are key for developing soft skills that industry professionals look for – teamwork, poise in presentations and meetings, and experience tackling a variety of problems. My peers in the program are some of the smartest, hardest-working people I’ve met, and we still keep in touch years after graduating (don’t I feel old now!). This program, the skills I developed through it, and the network I built from it were easily some of the best parts of my experience at The University of Alabama, and I cannot recommend the program enough.”

Dan Shelton - Birmingham, AL

Undergraduate Major: Mathematics
Minor: Blount Scholars Program
Studied abroad with the STEM Path
MBA Specialization: Business Analytics
Career Placement: Investment Banking Analyst at Arlington Capital Advisors

“The STEM Path to the MBA is the best of both worlds. By building a community of very technical people, the program is able to challenge you to think in new and creative ways through a business lens. My STEM classes allowed me to see the application of my undergraduate degree, all the while equipping me with the necessary tools to run my own business one day. However, the STEM Path to the MBA is much more than just an academic program. Through field trips, speakers, and study abroad opportunities, STEM enables you to see in real life what you’re learning about in a textbook. My time in India with STEM studying International Business continues to be one of the most impactful experiences I have had in my life. Moreover, the lessons and skillset gained from this trip have been largely beneficial as a young professional. I can wholeheartedly say that the STEM Path to the MBA not only set me up for success upon graduation, but it has continued to catapult me forward professionally.”

Class of 2017

Nagasai Adusumilli - Memphis, TN

Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Minors: Chemistry, Italian
MBA Specialization: Business Analytics
Career Placement: MD Candidate at George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, DC

“When physicians are asked to reflect on what they would do differently along the long path of medical training, year after year, many wish for a better grasp of the increasingly complex business behind healthcare. The STEM Path to the MBA allowed me to gain the fundamentals of business that are essential to understanding how to provide high-quality, value-based care to our society. A valuable internship at The Emory Clinic and multiple hands-on projects with the program’s corporate partners allowed me to develop a strong fund of knowledge even before medical school. Today, I use my data analytics skills to conduct research in the healthcare utilization space. Looking ahead in my career, my MBA allows me the flexibility to confidently start a private practice or take on administrative roles in academic settings.”

Georgia Floyd - Montgomery, AL

Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering
MBA Specialization: Operations Management
Career Placement: Process Improvement Engineer at Eastman

“I chose the STEM path to MBA because of the open doors that come with having a chemical engineering degree with an MBA. I knew that I wanted to grow beyond the technical skills taught in engineering. As a result of the STEM path, I have learned how to effectively collaborate in teams and communicate with all levels of management within my company. Most importantly, I am able to tie projects back to the big picture and company strategy, which is an extremely valuable skill. At this point, the opportunities are endless!”

Rob Grady - Tuscaloosa, AL

Undergraduate Major: Civil Engineering
Minors: Randall Research Scholars
MBA Specialization: Supply Chain and Operations Management
Career Placement: Project Engineer at Robins & Morton

“In project management, one must be able to balance the technical aspect of construction, the financial aspect of cost management, and the business aspect of personnel and owner relationships. The STEM Path to the MBA afforded me the opportunity to compound the many facets of business management, operations, and supply chain management with my technical civil engineering background from undergrad – all in only five years’ time. The networking and development opportunities of the MBA program, coupled with my extra-curricular involvement with the MBA Association and the Case Team, provided me with invaluable experience as I entered into the workforce.”

Class of 2016

Megan Smith (Torman) - Umatilla, FL

Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering
Minors: Mathematics
MBA Specialization: Operations Management/Supply Chain
Career Placement: Industrial Engineer at DENSO Athens

“As many undergrads, I wasn’t too sure when I arrived of exactly what I wanted to do as a career. The STEM Path to the MBA was appealing to me since I would be able to dip my toes in a little bit of everything. Little did I know this program would become the pride and joy of my time at the University of Alabama. It provided me with a network of incredible students and professors that challenged and supported me not only to be a better academic but also a better teammate, citizen, and friend. There are endless opportunities to stand out between class projects, start-up competitions, volunteer partnerships, and corporate connections. One of the most valuable skills for anyone who goes through the STEM Path is communication – I am frequently complimented on my presentation and communication skills at work…apparently, engineers aren’t known for their social skills?! The program doesn’t just build your resume; it helps you get hired. You get face-to-face time with recruiters through networking events and professional application/interview feedback. Become a part of the STEM Path to the MBA legacy – you won’t regret it! *Roll Tide*”

Samantha Whorton - Livingston, AL

Undergraduate Major: Civil Engineering
MBA Specialization: Joint Masters program to include Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Career Placement: Connectivity and Innovation Engineer at Alabama Power Company

“The STEM Path to the MBA Program shaped me into who I am today. College as a whole always shapes an individual, but I truly believe that the STEM Program made me a better person. I learned things, met people, and had experiences I would not have had otherwise. As a female professional, I knew it would be difficult to go back to graduate school once starting a career and family. The STEM Program helped me accomplish my educational goals in a timely and effective manner before leaving campus. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the STEM Program. I encourage all females who think they may one day want to go to graduate school to pursue an MBA to look into the program and all of the benefits it has to offer.”