Adventures with August

Adventures With AugustBy Donna Blackburn

EMBA alumnus Ed Fields, Class of 2007, and his son August go on a hike in “Adventures With August” and teach us how to reflect on what is important.

As a long-time walker, I can attest to the importance of a sauntering walk, one that allows you to slow down and listen to birds, gentle breezes, the crunch of rocks under your feet, and pops of tree branches. Ed and August’s adventure is a reminder to find a moment to wander in nature.

In returning to the “reopening of the world,” Ed encourages everyone rushing to get busy to pace themselves and remember to “reserve a little time for space and reflection.” His words of wisdom to his son, and us, as well, is to remember others by “helping someone hike, helping someone build, helping someone grow.”

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees,” wrote Henry David Thoreau.

When you take a walk in nature, a change occurs. We are strengthened and renewed, seeing more clearly, and walking taller, with our spirit soaring. From quiet moments come big ideas and just maybe an adventure. We all need more adventures with August and Ed.

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