Top 5 Benefits of the Alabama EMBA Program

Are you ready to return to graduate school?  Is the EMBA Program at The University of Alabama right for you?  UA’s EMBA program is designed for working professionals and allows students to continue working while completing their degree in four or five semesters. Students may earn an MBA degree in one of two locations, Tuscaloosa or Huntsville.

Students enter the EMBA program with specific needs and set expectations. Interviews conducted before starting the program show that the number one reason for enrollment is “increasing business knowledge.”

What are the top 5 benefits for UA EMBA students?

1. Increased business financial skills

Students are given tools to assess new financial strategies and develop a deeper understanding of annual reports and related financial data. Students report a better understanding of how their businesses run.

2. Building a business network

Without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits is the strong network forged in the UA EMBA.  Students form lifelong friendships and make valuable business contacts.  Diversity in student backgrounds, academics, industry, and culture provides a rich environment to learn.

3. Achieving Personal and Professional Goals

Students set goals at the beginning of the program and encourage each other to reach their personal and professional goals by the end of the program. Achieved goals run the gamut from company promotions to running a marathon, from improving business skills or starting a company to becoming a more effective leader or even learning how to skydive.

4. Improved Negotiating Skills

In combination with other courses, the negotiation class helps students understand their businesses better and teaches them to make more informed decisions. Graduates attribute the skills they learned to negotiating savings for their companies, as well as obtaining better raises and signing bonuses.

5. Thinking Strategically

A boardroom approach to learning encourages the exchange of ideas, discourse, and executive-level strategic thinking. The program builds to a final semester focusing on strategic communications, management, implementation, and global strategy, including a final project that provides valuable ROI to companies.

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