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The Manderson MBA is built on both high quality and affordability. It pays for itself within 3.9 years according to Forbes’ return on investment ranking. Learn more about tuition and fees and financial aid and see our application process for a highly competitive scholarship and assistantship opportunities. 

Tuition and Fees

The tuition breakdown listed below is based on university tuition rates and is expected to increase each year. For the most current rates, see University Tuition Rates. Tuition payment is due prior to the start of each semester. 

Per the university rates, tuition is $5,550.00 per semester for in-state students and $15,730 per semester for out-of-state students.

  • For the traditional full time MBA program, there are 4 semesters total (2 semesters per year x 2 years or fall, spring, fall, spring).
  • For the STEM/Create Path MBA program, it is also 4 semesters but runs on an accelerated schedule of summer 1 after junior year(post 91 UG credits), summer 2 after senior year, fall, and spring.
Projected BudgetResident (in-state)             Non-resident (out-of-state)   
1st Year Tuition$11,000$31,460
2nd Year Tuition$11,000$31,460
MBA Reservation Fee$1,000$1,000
Graduate Course Fees ($250 x 19)              $4,750$4,750
Tech/Facilities Fee ($25/$11 x 19)$684$684
Total Two-Year Estimate$28,434$69,354

Explanation of Fees 

  • MBA Reservation Fee: This required fee, sometimes called a “seating fee,” is paid when accepting your place in the MBA class. It covers the reservation of your seat, as well as various LAUNCH (orientation) and administrative costs. It is not a deposit towards tuition and is not refundable. Scholarships typically do not cover this fee.

  • Graduate Course Fees: $250.00/course  

  • Business School Technology Fees: $11/course

  • Facilities Fee:  $25/course

Full-time enrollment for graduate students is 9–15 hours per regular semester. An overload fee is assessed for each credit hour in excess of the full-time tuition schedule.

Other Estimated Costs to Consider 

For additional tuition questions, please contact Ashley Coker, MBA program assistant.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Merit-Based Awards and Scholarships

Many students receive merit-based scholarships to help offset costs to attend the MBA program as either a Traditional MBA student or a STEM/CREATE Path to the MBA student. These funds enhance the accessibility of one of the most affordable MBA programs in the nation.

The MBA program awards scholarships ranging in value, as awards are tied to the wide-ranging qualifications of the student applicant pool.

Key points about scholarships include:

  • Academic Merit awards: Admitted students are considered for merit-based scholarship awards based on the strength of their application packages. Top factors include academic performance, GMAT/GRE test scores, professional accomplishments, and potential for success.  If students wish to be considered for this award, preference will be given to those who have submitted GMAT/GRE test scores to help support their academic merit. 
  • Automatic review with admission: All admitted students automatically receive consideration for scholarship support (no additional information is required).
  • Other funding is available for specific activities: Students also may receive additional financial support (after enrolling) to support their participation in specific programming such as case team and other professional/career development opportunities.

Graduate Assistantships (GAs)

GAs are typically awarded to top students. The assistantship offer consists of payment of half-tuition for the fall/spring academic year, as well as a stipend of approximately $7,800.00 (payable over nine months, beginning in September). Depending on your placement, student health insurance benefits and course fees may also be covered in this assistantship package.

In return, you will be expected to work 10 hours per week on a research/project assignment within the business school. Students with assistantships are placed in positions with professors, the Manderson office, or one of our centers, like the Small Business Development Center, the Center for Business and Economic Research, or similar areas. Your specific assignment will be made closer to the beginning of the school year.

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